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Interactive Proteome Draft Map Portal


Click here to enter the Draft Portal V1.0.0

Please note, this database only includes the 3,421 gene products that can be perfectly aligned to the C.sativa genome. Error tolerant alignment is coming soon.

A more complete proteome output is available for download on our Data Downloads Page.

This airtable database and it's construction will be featured in our upcoming update to this BiorXIV preprint

Protein FASTA generated from "next gen" sequencing data with hypothetical functions of 13,850 gene products


We are currently constructing protein FASTA databases for use in Cannabis proteomics. The lack of annotated sequences has impeded the study of Cannabis. We have worked to create a resource to enable and advance future research.

Our first database was constructed using the eggNOG-Mapper algorithm described in this study in conjunction with custom scripting. 

You can download our current FASTA database here. 

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Interactive portal of cannabis small molecules


We have identified over 1,000 distinct small molecule features present in medicinal cannabis flowers. 

An interactive portal describing these molecules and the current state of our annotation attempts can be entered here. 

Details on the generation of this data can be found in this preprint manuscript.

The complete output may be viewed of downloaded on the Full Data Sets page.

Reanalyzing previous studies


A recent study from Vincent et al., used similar technology to what we employ but only identified 1-2% the number of proteins. 

Our reanalysis has shown this is due to the lack of a more complete genome derived FASTA database. By applying our FASTA v1.0 (eggNOG) and reanalyzing this dataset, we obtain over 1,000 new protein IDs. 

You can view and download our reinterpretation of this dataset here

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