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Research on the Cannabis draft maps is currently underway in 3 main areas

A View
Plant & Irrigation System
Larch Tree Branches

Completing the Cannabis genome

While several groups have compiled sequencing data from cannabis plant materials, no annotations of these materials have been completed. For many scientists, including ourselves, these data are largely useless without proper annotation. 

 In order to facilitate research in these important organisms, we have began a full bioinformatic reanalysis of publicly available sequencing information. Early results are available by way of our annotated protein FASTAs available here.

Current Cannabis Proteome Draft

Our interactive portal of results from the Cannabis proteome portal is available here. 

We have constructed a full .MGF file consisting of all high resolution MS/MS spectra acquired to date. 

These can be downloaded here.

Annotated spectra from peptide spectral matches are also available as both annotated spectra and in .MGF format here.

Spectral libraries are in works. Please check back soon. 

Current Metabolomics Data

The identification and purification of all small molecules from produced by cannabis plants is a project of focus. You can visit our current portal of distinct chemical features from 12 commercial cannabis strains here.

Check back soon for more progress, including newly identified compounds. 

Research: Research
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